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The Good Earth
"The Good Earth" 2009

Matt ceramic, vitreous glass, stained glass, copper leaf glass, ladybird tiles and millefiori tiles
Approx 34cm x 34cm

I made this for the "Planet Earth" Mosaic Exhibition at Opus Gallery in Exeter, made in response to intensive farming that interferes with our fragile eco system.
The inner circle of the mosaic represents a sustainable world where the soil is healthy and enriched organically, the crops are lush, the flowers are allowed to grow, and wild life thrives.
I have used glass that is vibrant and shiny and ceramic that is strong in colour.
Everything outside the circle represents the final result of intensive farming methods, when all nourishment in the soil has been used up and the crops are no longer healthy .
The matt ceramic tones are ideal as they are pale and have less intensity.

Price: £335.50