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Bella's Secret
"Bella's Secret" 2010.

Ceramic tile and smalti.
Approx 60cm x 90cm.

Made for an exhibition called 'In the Spirit of Chagall' at the Opus Mosaic Gallery,Fore Street, Exeter. Looking at Chagall's work in more depth led me to question his portrayal of himself and Bella, his first wife. He paints himself with her, sometimes he is flying in the air, often she is flying. It is obvious he is besotted with her, and indeed he speaks of his love for her in his writings. But I wondered how she felt , her face seems almost expressionless, and she often seems to be staring out of the picture. Chagall writes about her '... But I always had the feeling that she was holding something back. I thought that Bella was concealing buried treasure at the bottom of her heart.'
My mosaic 'Bella's Secret' tells all – about her metamorphosis into a bird that she went through every night when Chagall was asleep!


The mosaic is very heavy so shipping is quite expensive. Email me if you would like to arrange a viewing or get a shipping quote.