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The Last Tree
"The Last Tree" 2013.

Ceramic and glass tile on cement board over ply and wooden structure
Approx 600mm diameter 800mm high
I made this sculpture seat in response to ash dieback which is killing off our ash trees in the UK as well as abroad.
I used symbols and runes from Norse mythology which tells the story of Yggdrasil, (the ash) and the part it played in "Ragnarok" (the events leading to the apocalpyse).
It is a wonderful destruction/creation story which I found both fascinating and inspiring. You can see step-by-step how I used the story and made the sculpture by visiting my blog
or you can purchase a book about the project

These photos were taken at Delamore House Gardens in May 2013 when it was displayed for their annual art exhibition.
Here you see the three roots leading to the realms : Asgaard, Jotunheim and Niflheim.
The runes read "Unna Yggdrasil" meaning "Cherish the Ash."

The Last Tree
The deer who feed from the leaves of the ash.

The Last Tree
Some "modern" grafitti found carved into the tree.

The Last Tree
The top of the sculpture seat, showing the tree in gold with Ratatosk, the squirrel who takes
gossip and lies to the eagle (with hawk in it's brow) at the top of the tree.
In the centre is a bird bath - a nest with two golden eggs which represent the two
survivors of Ragnarok - Lif and Leifthrasir

Email me if you would like to arrange a viewing to purchase this sculpture seat.