I live and work in rural Somerset, UK, although originally from Devon. I am inspired by nature and myth and make glass and ceramic mosaic works of art in a contemporary folk narrative style. My work can be mysterious, decorative, and full of energy and colour.
Having grown up in the countryside I have always had a deep respect of nature. Since I was very young I have been fascinated with ancient myths and legends; local stories and tales from overseas that take their very essence from nature.

I find inspiration from the colours of the sunset, the formations of birds, the transformation of plants and trees throughout the seasons, the harshness of wind and storms and the subsequent stories that have evolved in the distant past. Occasionally I like to make a work about an existing myth or legend, but I prefer to make up my own stories by looking at the natural world around me and viewing it as a primitive and mysterious place. Just as in ancient mythology, my personal myths feature metamorphosis and transformation to tell a story.
Some of my work follows the passing of time through a sequence of mosaics, that are sometimes made into stop-motion animation. In my single pieces I like to try and capture that moment in time where the manifestation of energy is at it's peak.
By using strong coloured glass I can translate the resplendence of a sunset, whilst I might use matt ceramic tile for shadows and earth elements such as tree trunks. Sometimes I like to use iridescent glass for it's light dependent colour changes which help to emphasise the notion of movement.
I use various techniques to make my work such as using the edge of strips of stained glass and setting them indirectly in order to show the streaks found in the glass, and using the grout as a design element, as if I am “drawing in grout.”

After completing a foundation art diploma at Somerset College of Arts and Technology I enrolled on a Creative Arts degree course in Cheshire where I could experiment in various media including dance, photography, painting, performance and video.
I graduated in 1989 and continued to make and exhibit surreal and mysterious art works of collage and photo-montage, my chosen media in the final year.
Several years later I made my first large scale mosaic on an outdoor wall of a primary school with help from the children. I found I loved the tactile and beautiful nature of mosaic art; the messy gloop of cement mortar, the reflective qualities of glass. Since then I have developed my skills and my style through experimentation, persistence, and obsession, and by studying with mosaic masters.

In 2006 I was awarded professional membership of the Somerset Guild of Craftsmen. In 2014 I was awarded the Craft and Design Selected Maker Silver Award in the Specialist Media category.
I am a professional member of BAMM (British Association for Modern Mosaic)

My work is in private and public collections around the UK and abroad.

I make work for exhibition and commission, and I run private workshops and work with schools.