Vibrant and Exciting Mosaic Art for the Soul

Vibrant and exciting mosaic art by Kate Rattray , internationally recognized award winning mosaic artist based in Devon, UK.

Her work has been described as innovative, enchanting, inspirational, intricate, and other-wordly.

Kate’s work is in private and public collections around the UK and abroad.

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Mosaic Designs

Kate undertakes colourful and exciting mosaic design, fabrication and installation for private clients and public spaces.

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Kate teaches mosaic art workshops from her studio.

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Magazine Reviews

“Few legends in the world of art can maintain the balance between the paradoxical blend of modesty and resourcefulness. Kate Rattray is one of them!

I’m especially thrilled to share my interview with Kate Rattray, the humble yet brilliant mosaicist living and working in Somerset, UK. Inspired by the force, composition and hues of nature, her work tells the story of an ancient allegory that perceives the world as a primitive and magical place. The enchantment in her mosaics amplifies a piece of splendor, both literally and figuratively and pushes your estimate limits concerning her exceptional source of inspiration.” Chantel Manhem, Mozaico Blog

“Kate manages to combine her unique style with imagination, humour and a shedload of both vocational and research skills to great effect. Based in Wells, Somerset, in the southwest of England, Kate Rattray has been making mosaics since 1994. She’s a member of the Somerset Guild of Craftsmen, and on top of teaching classes at her studio, Kate produces three dimensional mosaics which combine stunning mosaics, storytelling and attention to detail.” Ian Laurie, The Face Behind the Mosaic