Phoenix, mythical bird mosaic wall sculpture. Full details below


* Wonderful Phoenix bird wall sculpture. One of my mythical flying birds. Hand built 3 dimensional mosaic for the wall adorned with hand cut 24 carat Venetian gold leaf mosaic (on the sun/body), my own exclusive hand gilded metal leaf glass, coloured mirror glass and stained glass. I cut all the glass on all my birds. Measures approximately 60cms in height from top of wings to tail flames and 32 cm width at the widest point. The flames are made of wire, glue and paints.
The mythical bird said to rise from the ashes symbolizes various things depending on which religion you are looking at. It could be renewal, resurrection, time, fire, the sun. It’s origins lie in both the ancient worlds of Greece and Egypt. In Egypt it was a solar bird known as the ‘Bennu’ and associated with the sun.


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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 60 × 32 × 20 cm


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