Pelican mosaic at Kings Hall school

Kate has worked with children and adults in schools and communities since 1994 making mural mosaics, paving stones and mosaic sculptures. Children are involved with all aspects of the mosaic making process; design, cutting tiles, sticking and installing. A mosaic can be designed using children’s drawings or Kate can be commissioned to design one for your school. Here are some examples.

Please send an email to if you would like Kate to help your school make a mosaic.

Designed by Kate, these three birds “Sunrise, Midday and Sunset Birds” were made with Warminster School year 7s


Based on a Keith Haring design, Warminster School year 7s

Shepton Beauchamp Mural Mosaic celebrating the Queens Golden Jubilee in 2002. The mosaic was made indirectly onto brown paper and cut into sections and then fixed onto an exterior wall. The childrens’ designs were placed within an arc using each colour of the rainbow. This idea was developed from one of the drawings. Each of the pictures shows activities and play within the school. Football, hockey, playing ball with “Wally” the school cat, hopskotch, and “egg shackling” which is a custom that has been practiced in the school for many years on Shrove Tuesday, to use up all the old eggs before Lent. The Bishop of Bath and Wells, Peter Price, opened the mosaic on Tuesday 10 September 2002.

The Bishop of Bath and Wells, Peter Price, opening the Shepton Beauchamp School mosaic on Tuesday 10 September 2002.

Travelling Feet (Autumn Woodlands – Canada)

“Travelling Feet” was an arts and citizenship partnership project with Wells Central Junior School. A bursary was awarded for the project from Spaeda – Somerset Partnership Arts and Education Agency and received materials in kind from Travis Perkins and Somerset Tile Company. Kate worked with year 5 children to create four feet. Each one representing a different climatic region. The children made paintings from pictures of the regions and transferred them to designs on squared paper. Further work was made on some of the regions and their peoples. A story teller inspired imagination as he retold some native legends when the feet were complete. The feet stand approximately 50cm high and long enough to sit two or three children.

Travelling Feet – (Deserts – Australia)
Travelling Feet (Jungle – African Congo)
Travelling Feet – (Mountains – Himalayas)
Cathedral School stepping stones

Left – One of 8 paving stones made with year 2 at Wells Cathedral School for their Farming and Orchards project Right – One of 8 shell paving stones made with reception year at Wells Cathedral School

Bird Bath with West Chinnock Primary
Stepping stones with reception year. St. Cuthberts Junior school.

Stoke St. Michael Mural Mosaic
2.5 metre long mural mosaic in courtyard of the Bridge Day Centre made with mental health patients.

The Worminster Dragon Mosaic was made with 6 local schools and community groups during 2001 and installed along Moat Walk, Bishops Palace, Wells in 2002 to celebrate the legend of the Worminster dragon who is said to return every 50 years to eat the villagers of Dulcote, Dinder and Croscombe unless remembered! The mosaic was commissioned by The Three Villages Dragon Festival.