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“In the Spirit of Chagall” exhibition at Opus Mosaic Gallery, Exeter

Looking at Marc Chagall’s work in more depth led me to question his portrayal of himself and Bella, his first wife. He paints himself with her, sometimes he is flying in the air, often she is flying. It is obvious he is besotted with her, and indeed he speaks of his love for her in…

Somerset Art Weeks

I have several pieces of work on display at the Somerset Guild of Craftsmen, Courthouse Gallery, Somerton, Somerset, UK  for Somerset Art Weeks which runs from 19 September – 4 October 2009. They include a series of nine mosaics: “How the Sun Wakes Up in the Morning” (see my website),  “Cygnus”,  and various others. This is…

A review by Irit Levy

Mosaic artist Irit Levy from Monaco, has written a short review about a mosaic I made called “Silver Birch Trees at Sunset”.  You can read it on her blog: http://iritlevyart.wordpress.com/2009/09/05/birch-trees-taking-it-farther-to-abstract/  She has also written about several other mosaics by various artists on her blog :  “Mosaic is Art “.