Kate’s Imaginary Mosaic Cafe Online Course

How would you like to join me at my imaginary mosaic cafe and learn some new (real) mosaic recipes?

Let me set the scene…

Imagine you have been told about a secret cafe which exists in a lovely green valley full of apple, walnut and olive trees and surrounded by magnificent hills and lakes. Inside the cafe the delicious aromas make your mouth water and you sit by the picture window to watch swallows dip and dive.

You eat food full of surprising and delightful tastes and textures, and you drink liquids that taste like nectar. You watch the sunset and finish the meal with a sweet fruity desert and then watch the moonrise over the lake.

Sounds idyllic doesn’t it?

Why not come on a journey with me and discover my imaginary cafe where you can make real creations.

As your chef I will show you how to make some simple tasty recipes.

I have designed this inspirational online course for beginners, but if you have mosaic experience you are welcome to come along for part or all of the journey.

However, your recipes will be mosaics made in glass and ceramic so you won’t really be able to eat them!


Why wouldn’t you be?

Join me in the Imaginary Mosaic Cafe

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