Wind Whips


Landscape Mosaic art . Details below.


Wind Whips

Made for a solo show (“Voices of the Wind”) at Somerset Crafts gallery, I wanted to capture the feel of the grasses whipping around in the wind. I wanted the grasses to take up space, almost as if they were suffocating me. As I made sketches for this piece, some of the paintings by Surrealist Max Ernst began to surface in my thoughts, especially his painting “La Joie de Vivre (The Joy of Life)”, where the grasses fill the canvas and the spaces in your head. In his painting you get lost in the grasses and you are fascinated and (in days gone by) disturbed by the strange bugs and insects.
I wanted this mosaic to have a similar feel to it, although not quite so disturbing. I added the bird to give a sense of the size and depth of the grasses. Then I threw caution to the winds by letting the sky break free and follow some of the whips.


Glass tile, smalti, ceramic tile on cement board.
Approx 50cm x 50cm

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 50 × 2 × 50 cm


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