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Catching the Sun (part 2)

I am working on the second part of the Catching the Sun series (if you missed the first part then have a look at my last post)

The series is about harnessing the sun. This time I wanted to illustrate the city harnessing the power of the sun. It is partly present and partly futuristic, and in contrast to the primeval tree in the first part.

Here are some of my initial scrawls…

scrawl 1
scrawl 2
scrawl 3

Funny how the last 2 scrawls reminded me of the Virgin Mary swaddling the baby Jesus!

But I wanted the whole design to fill the space and I wasn’t sure how I would fill it here, so I came up with a another scrawl this time I feel confident enough to call it a “sketch”!…

sketch for "Solar City"

As you see I named it “Solar City” .

Happy with this design I made a coloured cartoon.

cartoon for "Solar City"

I decided to make the mosaic in stained glass, so I could cut it accurately and I could use streaky glass for the  windows, using the “double indirect” method using paper. This way I don’t lose my design by covering it in tile adhesive as I will need to make accurate cuts to fit the design. I could work in pva onto board which would be the easiest way, however I have been disappointed with the quality of the wood lately as it seems to warp more than it used to, so I now I  use cement board as a backer board if it is a mosaic bigger than A4.  By using the double indirect method  I can lay out the mosaic as if I am building it the right way up so I can see how it looks as I go. This is better than using the indirect method (where the mosaic is laid out upside down and back to front) when using streaky glass  or mirror glass that has a different colour or surface underneath.

This is my progress so far…

Come back soon to see the final mosaic!


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