I am lucky enough not to have a problem with finding inspiration – hence the reason I always have more than one mosaic happening at a time. I remember when I started my degree in Creative Arts back in 1986, I had no ideas, and my first piece of work was a self portrait collage with cotton wool for a head! Now my greatest fear is that I will not complete all my ideas in my lifetime. Sometimes I am panic stricken by this thought and instead of spurring me on this tends to hold me back, either by procrastination or by rushing a piece of work  and messing it up.

It is also difficult at times when there is more than one piece awaiting completion – which do I do first? I have to be organised and prioritise. Its all very well to say this but to do it is another matter! Which is why sometimes I decide to make something on the spur of the moment unplanned and seperate from my work for my future exhibitions.

The snow has been inspiration. As I mentioned in a past post it is very fine like sand. It blows across the fields making sparkling rivulets along the grass, then it collects in deep pockets around the fences and styles.

I made a small sample piece of the rivulets – like my New Year sunrise video it is like a scrapbook piece -not in any way is it refined , but maybe it will be useful to use the combination of material in a bigger and better mosaic sometime!

The blue ceramic represents the shadows on the sand – I haven’t included the grass – that’s for another time!

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