More on zellige, zillige, zellij or zillij

There seem to be many ways to spell this  Islamic method of making tiles, but perhaps it is correctly spelt zillij.

Having researched it a bit more, I was fascinated to find out that once the biscuit fired tiles are cut into shapes , glazed and put together as whole geometric  tiles, it doesn’t end there! They don’t just slap up the tiles on the facades of buildings. According to one firm in Fez they use the single cut and glazed  pieces, known as furmah and lay them all glazed side down  on the floor in a pattern, like a symbolic geometric puzzle (each shape has a meaning ).  Then they pour 3 inches of concrete over the back, wait until it dries and install the whole piece in one panel. The following article in the link describes this practice. The mosaic they install is 1 square metre, which is surprising as it must be very heavy.


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  1. ‘The process has not varied for one millennium though conception and design has started using new technologies such as data processing”.(Zellige craftmanship WIKIPEDIA/zellige

    We have discovered new techniques in processing zillij.My techniques are simple and dont require any particular expertise and results in quicker production and a smoother, lighter table top or panel as no concrete or iron are required. Furmah ,hand cut from any ready made tiles (7 to 8 mm thk) ,we prefer low sheen floor tiles (rustic or monochromatic color)
    Anybody can create zillij mosaic !!!
    Learn more about our mosaic at http://moroccandesign.com/moroccan-mo


    1. Thanks for the info about your work Gene. Have you seen my new post? Abroad in Bath – about a Moroccan mosaic.
      Perhaps you can tell me what meaning the 12 pointed star has?

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