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Who’s Got the Bug?

Heart Moth

It seems that whenever you think of a name for a creature you find out that there is one that really exists with that name.  Like the ‘Heart Moth’. I didn’t think there would be one with that name, but there is.
It’s a very pretty little moth and lives in wooded areas in the UK. It has little hearts on it’s wings.
My Heart Moth pictured above is a giant in comparison to the little moth (wingspan of mine is 39cm compared to the real one that is 38mm) and bears little resemblance apart from perhaps the wings!

The Love Bug

Yes, there is even an actual love bug, but whereas the real ones are a species of fly that are black with red heads, live in the US and remain coupled for several days during mating so appearing to have two heads, mine is completely different!

This big love bug is 35cm across the wings. The heart body is  adorned in glass rounds, millefiori and some little ladybird beads and I gilded some glass with some gorgeous coloured variegated metal leaf to use on the wings and head.

gilding glass

You can find these and more from my Etsy shop OddLittleFlock .

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