How The Sun Wakes Up

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Beautiful 9 piece stained glass mosaic art series. More details below.


I made this series to illustrate a story I made where the sun is “flown” by a bird from sunrise to midday. At noon the sun becomes dark and turns into the pupil of an eye. Each piece took a long time to make and I used negative space (grout) to pick out the shape of the bird and the sun, so I could use similar colours in both the subject and the background. I cut stained glass into strips and ground each piece to a point at one end, then set the glass on edge using the indirect method to obtain a lovely flat surface.
The series is available to purchase as a set of 9 mosaics, not as individual mosaics. You will need about 4 metres or more of space to display the whole set. Each mosaic is 34cm x 34cm framed. The dimensions I have stated includes 10 cm in between each piece but not at each end.

stained glass, mirror glass


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