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New Arrivals and Old Mothers

I have just submitted 2 new pieces for the Bath Society of Artists Summer Exhibition. Last year I submitted Bella’s Secret, (see post here) and it was accepted for the show, so I thought I would give it another go. Not sure what they will think of these two though!

The first is called “Emerging Artists” and I made it in response to the overwhelming feeling I get when I look at art on the web and in galleries etc.  There is so much out there, artists are literally crawling out of the woodwork! Most artists have trouble making a living because of the sheer amount of competition with each other.

Emerging Artists” is about the new ones coming out of Art College. The door is open and reveals  the golden and red light from the past (college) representing excitement and energy. But there is that moment of doubt upon leaving, anxiety and despair. I have used “The Scream” by Edvard Munch as a repetitive image to represent that feeling as artists are appearing in the door and echoed in the dark wooded shadows of the past.

Then the most successful ones (bright young things) fly with golden wings through energy lines (made with electric wire) in a dark and unexpected world.

The second piece I submitted is called “Mother of Ruby Lips” , inspired by Salvador Dali’s “Ruby Lips Brooch“.

Here is Dali’s Ruby Lips Brooch made with rubies, gold and pearls:

And this is my Mother of Ruby Lips made with ceramic rounds, mosaic glass, gold (leaf glass), millefiori and oyster shells:

It is a bit bigger than Dalis brooch! And of course I couldn’t afford rubies!

Here is a close up so you can see the 3 dimensionality:

Ok – wish me luck that they go in the show!

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