Summer holiday day out

I work sporadically through school holidays, always trying to find time to spend with the kids,  finish off a project, run a workshop  etc.  It isn’t easy to switch off and do something completely different from mosaic, especially when I am holidaying at home , but this summer I am determined to try a bit harder and give the kids my full attention. Well that’s the plan anyway!

Today we went to Weymouth beach by train. It was very busy on the beach and I was tempted to walk along the beach  to try and find a quieter spot. When I was a kid my mum and dad would always do this. We would walk for miles and miles, either along Woolacombe beach or across the sand-dunes along the Braunton Burrows.

But today we didn’t walk along the beach, instead we picked our way through the families sitting on deckchairs, rugs and towels and found a spot with a radius of about 2 metres around us. When the boys went off to have a ride on the pedalos, Daisy and I watched a Punch and Judy show. It was good, a real traditional Punch and Judy show with the original storyline. The only bit that wasn’t in it was the bit when the crocodile eats the sausages. There weren’t any sausages, although Punch sang the “sausages for breakfast, sausages for tea” song. Still it was fun and Daisy enjoyed it too, being the first time she has seen Punch and Judy.

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  1. Hi Kate.
    Glad you enjoyed the show.
    Re the sausages, sorry they weren’t in the particular performance you watched – they are still in the show but in order to get the same people to come back to different shows, I have to chop and change routines. I even have a sausage machine in one of the shows!
    Pop down again soon, say hi and will make sure I include the sausages!
    Cheers for now.

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