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Traces Revealed exhibition at Glastonbury Abbey

I’ve been working flat out for several months and now find myself completely enclosed in a Medieval fantasy. It’s weird how the more you work on a theme the more mad and obsessed you become. However I have nearly finished the exhibits for this exhibition “Traces Revealed“.  I’ll be exhibiting with two  Somerset artists, Alicia Merrett, known for her colourful map quilts and Hiro Takahashi, who makes amazing textured ceramic sculptures.

I will be presenting new work inspired by Glastonbury Abbey’s legends and historical past. The relics of King Arthur, Queen Guinevere, three saints and a rock star! The rock star is still alive and performing and he has a connection with the Abbey.
There will be birds (of course) … Guardians of the relics who keep them safe in tunnels under the Tor.
My work is a mix of truth and fantasy, old and new. The relics are mostly playful analogies, comparing the Catholic tradition of the veneration of relics with modern day trends and culture and the souvenir gift shop in general.

I hope some of you will be able to attend the exhibition. As it continues until January there will be plenty of chances!

Here is the bone of King Arthur as a taster … !

I’ll be adding posts in the next few weeks about each Guardian bird and the relics so keep your eyes open and follow along!


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