The Doves Who Bring Ambrosia to the Gods


Three mosaic sculpture doves for the wall carrying bees and flowers. Details below.


The Doves Who Bring Ambrosia to the Gods are three beautiful mosaic wall sculptures.
They were inspired by the doves who are mentioned in Homer’s Odyssey. Circe tells Odysseus how to escape from the House of Hades. She tells him how he must avoid the sirens song, then goes on to mention the overhanging and very high rocks that the gods call the Wanderers. She says … “Here not even a bird may pass, no, not even the timid doves that bring ambrosia to Zeus, but the sheer rock always carries off one of them, and Zeus has to send another to make up their number…”.

My doves went on an odyssey to Athens and Mykonos to take the ambrosia whilst being part of a mosaic exhibition. Now they have returned to me in Somerset, UK, to roost for a while.
They prefer to live indoors as it is warmer and will grace your walls and bring you ambrosia! (The ambrosia is my handmade bees and flowers but they can bring you a tin of ambrosia creamed rice if you prefer!)

Made with a mixture of materials including stained glass, smalti, gold leaf glass and my own metal leaf glass. Copper wire feet.
The doves are built onto plywood and have a three dimensional front wing and body.

Approx 33 cm from beak to tail and the front wing is 29cm long.

Price is for all three.

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 35 × 33 × 12 cm


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