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A Little Bird Told Me

A little bird told me to look for  legends about the Blue tit. I found this old Cherokee Indian story about the Chickadee and the Titmouse (in UK the Chickadee is similar to a coal tit with it’s black cap and the Titmouse is like the Tufted Tit with it’s crested head, and all from the Paridae family) .

Once there was a terrible ogress named “Utlunta” or “Spear-finger“. She was able to shape shift but preferred to appear as an old woman who was covered in very rock hard skin and had a very long sharp forefinger that she would stab at anyone who got too close. So the Indians trapped her in a deep pit and  tried to kill her with spears but her skin was so hard the spears would bounce off and break.

Along comes the titmouse and tells the Indians that they must pierce her heart as it is her most vulnerable part. However when the arrows were shot into her body where her heart should be, they continued to bounce off and break. Cross with the titmouse the tribe cut out it’s tongue so everyone would know it was a liar.

Along comes the Chickadee and settles upon the witch’s right hand to indicate where her heart lay, at which an arrow was shot into the flesh finding it’s way straight into her heart and killing her dead.

Whereupon the Cherokee Indians named the Chickadees  “truth tellers“.

Here are my Blue tit truth tellers, and a little bird told me that it won’t be long now before spring comes smiling with her warm and happy colours.

a little bird told me
blue tits

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