The Somerset Illuminated Carnival

Every year in November the Somerset Illuminated Carnival takes to the streets delighting and surprising the crowds it draws from all walks of life. The floats are a cacophony of music, lights and theatre. The largest procession is in Bridgwater,  and then smaller processions travel  to different towns in Somerset.

The processions are held in the evenings when it is dark, dreary, cold and wet.

Every year my family and I walk  a muddy mile long path to get into the town and be warmed by the lights and wowed by the fabulous moving stage sets and players on them. It is full stimulation of the senses, resulting in awe and emotion, cheering the heart, but not the feet. The latter are tired and our backs begin to ache from standing for over 2 hours. And then we have the long trudge back…. but worth it!

Here is a video I shot of my two favourite floats this year.


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