Abroad in Bath

I had to invigilate the BANA (Bath Area Network of Artists) exhibition in Bath today, where I am exhibiting my Chagall inspired mosaic “Bella’s Secret”. Before I went to the gallery, my partner and I stopped off for a coffee, mint tea and baklava in a Moroccan restaurant. To my delight their was a mosaic on the wall. I got chatting with the owner, who is Moroccan, and he told me he was inspired by a huge  mosaic in a restaurant in Marrekech, and  so commissioned an  artist to make a smaller version of it. I love the geometric design that although  simple, the small pieces make it  intricate,  and the natural colour of the clay which hasn’t been glazed, just bisque (biscuit) fired , making it look subtle, earthy and ancient. So very different to my work in colour, but perhaps not  so different in intricacy and  design.


Moroccan Restaurant Mosaic detail


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