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Sweat and Tears – part 3

I spent some time deciding on the best way to go about fixing the smaller tears onto the big tear. It would be easier to fix the mosaic onto the tears first and then fix them onto the large (cemented) tear,  the other way would be to fix the polystyrene tears onto the large poly tear and then cement the whole form as one. This would be more difficult to mosaic, as I am making the mosaics indirect, but it would be structurally more sound.  I chose option 2.

I cut out my tears and used the “sticks like” again to adhere them to the large tear, having first drawn around them and cut out my brown paper pieces for making up the indirect mosaics.

Naturally I am working  on one side at a time. After leaving the tears to dry (!!) for 24 hours, I can now reinforce the form with cement adhesive and glass fibre mesh.

I mesh and adhesive 2 layers,  leaving a day after the first layer before doing the second layer.

laying fine glass fibre mat
spreading cement adhesive
pushing in roofing felt nails to hold the mesh
final cementing
first half of form with screed

Come back soon and see the next part of my sculpture!

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