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Path to the Sky

The fields in the last few weeks have been an abundance of yellow buttercups. I couldn’t do it much justice with my photos but it was much better than this:


The skies have been pretty impressive too:


webbed sky
webbed sky

No need to look far for inspiration!

I made this mosaic indirectly only because I had to work on it at a Demo day at Somerset Crafts and the table wasn’t big enough for the whole thing. So I made it in 2 parts:


I installed it on cement board so it is suitable to display outdoors:


I grouted it in black to emphasise the colours and the shadows between the blades of grass, the buttercups, the butterflies and birds  (did you spot them?) and the webbed sunset sky. Here it is completed:

Path to the Sky


As with much of the work I post on my blog it is for sale and I’ll be taking this piece to Somerset Crafts gallery next week, unless you contact me first with an offer to buy it!


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