Where the Earth Meets the Sky

I have been invited back again this year to work with Kings Hall School in Taunton. This time they want to make some colourful mosaics for the music department. I have cut out three instruments from mdf with my jigsaw, but you will see the finished mosaics in the next post.
As we will use graduations of coloured glass tiles to cover the shapes, I decided to make an example piece which shows a transition of greens to blues, as well as demonstrating the shape of tile and andamento we will use.

It seemed to make sense to make a piece for display, not just a demo piece, and as I was out walking through the fields one evening I was mesmerised  by the beautiful daisies and buttercups in the green grass and the blue sky above me, and it all seemed to merge together in my mind.

So I made Where The Earth Meets The Sky:

Where the Earth Meets the Sky
Where The Earth Meets The Sky

Here’ s a close up of those daisies and buttercups made of little millefiori tiles.


The school musical instrument mosaics will be edged in tiles, so I thought I would treat this one in the same way. It is the first time I have edged a mosaic in tiles and I am quite pleased with the result…


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