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Sweat and tears – part 5

This is such an enjoyable project, I want to do more of these sculptures! I love the indirect process, it is so much quicker and a lot cleaner (especially for me as I am an extremely messy worker, which I expect you had already gathered if you have looked at my videos of making my lion, Zillion!)

I decide to use a white cement adhesive to fix my tears to the structure because some of the glass mosaic is semi-transparent. I can use it white for maximum brightness of the tile, and I can colour it to change the tone of the glass.

I spread the cement adhesive on the back of the tiles and onto the 3d  tears on the structure. It has to be spread thick on the back of the thinner  tiles to be level with the thicker tiles so that when I place it onto the structure the tiles will be level with each other creating a smooth surface.

spreading cement glue on the back of tiles
spreading cement adhesive onto the structure

The tiles glued onto  the paper with watered down pva  naturally want to stay flat and rigid, so I had to push them around the curve with some force to fix the tears onto the structure. They make quite a good cracking sound that is a little alarming at first! (I will post a video of this next week when I am doing the other side).

fixing the indirect tears

(I had to use both hands to fix them, but had to have one hand free here to take the photo!)

I dampen the paper and after a few minutes peel  it off so I can make alterations to the mosaic. Because of the curve it means that there are usually one or two excess tiles that have to be removed.

dampening the paper for easy removal
peeling off the paper

That’s the best bit – peeling off the paper, because it is so satisfying.  So I made a little video to share with you this wonderful moment of making mosaics.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aH6kBcIKFIU&w=425&h=349]

Come back soon to see the next part of my Olympic sculpture!


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  1. Watching the video of you removing the paper from one of your tears, was an oooohhhh and ahhhhh moment! Absolutely beautiful work and so inspiring! Thank you for sharing your creativity!

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