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Sweat and tears – part 6

I am working on the other side of the sculpture now, so I thought you might like to see the first side so far. The spaces between the tears will  be mosaiced using the direct method.

Sweat and Tears sculpture so far

I think it is going to look quite glamorous don’t you? …. is sport glamorous?

As I already mentioned the colours depict the sweat and tears as they fall on the skin of the athletes. So there are many different colours from the many races of our wonderful world.

I was a little anxious about using this  glittery bronze, as I thought it might look a bit too glitzy, but on close inspection I like the effect, it really does look like skin under the water droplet.

bronze tear

I used the transparent brown glass both with the white adhesive and  also with the adhesive coloured brown. They are quite different. I was a little bothered about the darker brown tear when considering the balance of colour on the sculpture, but decided it wouldn’t be as prominent once it was all grouted.

brown tear on brown adhesive
brown tear on white adhesive

The other side of the sculpture will have the face that is in my original drawing (see Sweat and Tears -part 1). Come back soon to see the next part of my Olympic sculpture!


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  1. This is coming along beautifully Kate, thanks for taking us along with you.

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