Structural Mosaics Workshop with Marcelo de Melo

I am delighted to be hosting a mosaic workshop with a difference this year.  In October at the Bath Artists Studios  my Brazilian friend, Marcelo de Melo will teach a 5 day “Structural Mosaics” workshop.

I became aware of Marcelo’s work soon after I joined BAMM (British Association for Modern Mosaic) in 2001 .  What  interested me about his work at the time was how he had made a “thin” structure and mosaiced it, so it was almost like a piece of fabric. It opened out possibilities to me and I experimented with some 3d shapes to get a similar effect.  Marcelo’s structural pieces were pushing boundaries in contemporary mosaic by questioning the materiality of mosaic;  the tiles became an integral part of the  structure and not just embellishment.

Folding Fabric by Marcelo de Melo

The course is from 24th October – 28th October 2012 from 10am – 2.30pm and will be held in the gallery where both me and Marcelo will show some of our work.

Marcelo will explain the idea behind the structural works and instruct  participants how to make a sculpture approximately 25cm across. Students will explore pattern, tesserae colours and andamento, and learn how to transfer a design of their own choice to a 3d shape, build a shape, apply the plaster, how to work with tesserae on a curved surface, grouting, and how to prepare the work for hanging.

Unfortunately I realized soon after we organised the dates with  Bath Artists Studios that the course clashes with the BAMM AGM that  members might be attending on Saturday 27th October. However, if you remember from my recent post about The Pelican you will see that I have a TIME TURNER ! So if you want to come to the workshop and also go to the BAMM agm please contact me and I will let you borrow it!

If you would like more details about the workshop please contact me or leave me a comment with your email address.

Marcelo will also give a pre-course talk on Tuesday 23rd October at 7pm in the Bath Artists Studio Gallery about his work and  other contemporary mosaic artists.

The talk is free  – if you would like to book a seat please contact Bath Artists Studios on 01225 482480 or email

Marcelo’s more recent work  uses mosaic sculpture to address controversial issues such as war and terrorism. You can read about it  on Mosaic Art Now


    Kate this looks like a great workshop with Marcelo. I love his work. You”re blog is terrific.

      Hi Pam. It’ll be great! Let me know if you want to come or visit! Thanks, glad you like the blog

    مرحبا كيت تشرفنى صداقتك وانا وزوجى من المعجبين باعملك ونعمل فى مجال الفسيفساء وهو تقنى فى متحف باردو و متخصص فى ميكرو موزايئك

      أهلا بكم كريمة. الشكر لجهة الاتصال.

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