Passage – my exhibition

Next week I am having a break from the lion whilst I set up my exhibition “Passage” at Bath Artists Studio Gallery.  I like the gallery, it is large (enough for all my work) and light.  At the same time I will be running workshops. I did this last year  and it worked well, it is like having a large studio instead of a small shed!

I am showing 6 years of my work . Most of it on the website. I decided to call the exhibition “Passage” because my mosaic stories are about passages (most often of birds) through the sky and through the trees.

This is a new series of work I will be showing called “Passage to the Sun”  telling a story of the birds’ seasonal journey.

It came out of my stop-motion animation “The Tree”.

Come and visit if you can. The gallery is open from 11am – 5pm . April 20th – 24th.



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  1. Lovely Kate… looking forward to it.
    Have you topics for the workshops?

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