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Unfinished Symphony

I thought you might like to see one of my new pieces included in the “Crust” exhibition in Bath (see last post for details).

This was a piece that has been in my sketchbook for a couple of years, and at last I had a chance to make it. The inspiration came from the crows that line up on the telegraph wires. This was one of my sketches.

Pen and coloured pencil drawing of Unfinished Symphony

I didn’t follow it to the recipe as you see.The sky was fairly spontaneous although I wanted to communicate a stormy sunset sky. I also used a couple of bars (I think it is the chorus) from Schubert’s  score “Unfinished Symphony”. It is my favourite part of the symphony, it is so exciting and uplifting, as if something quite spectacular is going to happen.

Unfinished Symphony

There is still time to come and see the exhibition – it runs until Sunday 28th – don’t you miss it!


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