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Voices of the Wind Exhibition

It is 14 days into my exhibition “Voices of the Wind” at Somerset Crafts  so I thought it would be a good time to share some photos of it with you.


Apart from my four new  pieces (in previous posts), I have selected some of my past work dating back to 2006 that fits in well with the theme.

“Spirit of the Leaves” is displayed in the window for maximum light and effect. “The Storm” is in full pelt on the easel in the window corner with “Birds in the Rain” here in the foreground :

"The Storm" meets "Spirit of the Leaves"
“The Storm” meets “Spirit of the Leaves”

Around the other side I have hung “Slipstream” (part 3), “In a Spin” and “Circling Flock” all of which you can see on my website

Here are the new wind inspired pieces beside Billy Rhodes’ gate that leads to all the other artists displays (and my permanent display in the distance there) :

New pieces
New pieces

And these are my leaves made with stained glass and some of my hand-gilded gold glass that sit in the centre of the exhibition area:


The gallery is open every day. There are currently 19 of us who exhibit work at Somerset Crafts. We run it as a co-operative and take it in turns to steward. You can find us on the Somerset Levels at the Avalon Marshes Centre,  Shapwick Road, Nr. Glastonbury, Somerset. The scenery outside is stunning too!

The Somerset Levels near Westhay reserve
The Somerset Levels near Westhay reserve

Come visit soon 🙂

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