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Lions in Bath

Last year I made Prince Ropork for the King Bladud’d Pig project in Bath. This year the project are running a Lion project with similar aims. Full size lion sculptures will be displayed in the summer of 2010. Many will be painted some will be mosaiced. I have my name on the list of artists and now waiting for a sponsor. If you want to sponsor me (or know of someone who might want to) get in touch with the organisers and let them know. All the information is on www.lionsofbath.com

My idea is to make either a golden lion using gold, copper and orange tiles or a white lion of silvers, whites and creams.

This is Prince Ropork hanging around  at the Circus from last years pig parade. The sculptures (over 100 of them) were made by Alan Dunn, who is also making the lions.

 To mosaic Prince I used gold, copper, mirror, pink ,terracotta,nuggets and  blue roundels.

(I love this picture – the man with the ladder was just in the right place at the right time !)

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