Summer Mosaic Workshop and Tour in Wells

I am a little late organising this as I have been busy with this and that and working on the  commission I mentioned in a previous blog.

I hope it will be a sunny weekend – at least on Monday 2nd August as this is when I will be a tour guide for the day! I have several public mosaics in and around Wells and thought it would be nice to make the weekend workshop extra special and make it into a long weekend!

So this is the plan:

On Saturday 31st July and 1st August I will run a weekend mosaic workshop at the museum in Wells. In the museum  gallery there will be an archaeology exhibition – they are being a bit secretive about it, so I am intrigued and looking forward to it. I wonder what treasures they are digging up – maybe a mosaic?   I have a funny feeling it maybe something to do with coins….

On Monday 2nd August we will visit the Worminster Dragon mosaic, which is a pavement along the moat walk by the Bishops Palace.  I  facilitated  this community mosaic made with 6 local schools and community groups  9 years ago. It is based on a medieval legend here – the mosaic tells the story!

Then we will visit the St. Andrew mosaic in the cathedral, which I was commissioned to make in remembrance of a cathedral guide. We will walk along the path by the 4 mosaic feet seats  at Wells Central Juniors school and have lunch in the Wookey Hole Inn where I have made patio and wall mosaics with students, and where participants will also be able to admire the mosaic “ladies” made by French artist “Francony Kowalski” . The pub is funky and the food is good.

In the afternoon we will visit the ceramic mural at Tescos’s made by local artist Philippa Threlfall and then visit her studio workshops. Philippa makes relief terracotta murals and plaques which are beautiful. You can see her work on her website    www.philippathrelfal.com

Finally we will go to my studio (workshed as I like to call it) to see what I am up to.

Hope some of you will join me!

Details of the course can be found on my website at


The Worminster Dragon Mosaic

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