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Odd Little Flock

Woopee doo! I thought you might like to see my new little fairies and angels. These little oddities came out of the work I made for Glastonbury Abbey. I love how one thing leads to another when you are making things. Working with plastic bones led me to the barbie doll fairies. I also find it quite strange how the times have changed from when I was going to festivals in the 1980’s. I used to wear quite hippyish sort of clothes that consisted of faded old ripped jeans (not the silly sort you get today that are already faded and ripped when you buy them, but ones I had lived in for the past few years every day) , a flowery top, an Indian shawl (usually nicked from a friend) that I wore like a scarf, a black waistcoat, and either a donkey jacket , leather biker jacket or a much loved hand-me -down patchwork velvet jacket.  Not much make-up, maybe a bit of black kohl eye liner. And I would take a tent (that I also took home with me) a sleeping bag, some cider, and a toothbrush. Maybe a bit of money to cover the “small” entrance fee and buy a pasty. (Many of the festivals in those days were free… imagine that!) I would smell quite bad after a few days and relish the warm bath I would get into on my return home.

Compare with the girls going to festivals today. … expensive fashionable flowery “festival” clothes, pristine make-up and long sparkly hair, flowery “festival” wellie boots. I imagine they use  showers that are  provided these days, and take their hair-dryers.  How can you plug a hair-dryer into a field? Don’t tell me they have electricity too!!!

Here are the girls…

click the pics to buy…

Rainbow Cloud goes to Glastonbury
Saffron Sky goes to Glastonbury
Sugar Rose goes to Glastonbury

The Spirit Angels

I also made some angels. I wanted them to wear boots too, but hob-nail boots, not Glasto festival wellies.  I made the heads using self hardening clay. I really tried to make them pretty but they didn’t want to come out like that. They reminded me of medieval faces. So I used medieval names for them, added a little grandeur pop culture (the Marvellous, the Glorious, the Incredible and the Golden)  and looked up the meaning of the names.

Here are the angels, click the pics to see what they represent and to buy…

Angel Millicent the Marvellous wears hob nail boots
Geraldine the Glorious wears hob-nail boots
Ulric the Incredible wears hob-nail boots
Godfrey the Golden hides his boots

Odd Little Flock is the name of my re-branded Etsy shop where you will see mosaic and mixed media creations of birds, angels and mythical creatures to enthral and inspire you!









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