The Three Trees

I have been playing with my jigsaw again and made  four new pieces of work for  “Six”  – an     exhibition showcasing six local makers – at the Hawthorn Gallery, Blandford Forum, Dorset.

The exhibition began on 14th January and runs until 22nd March 2014.
The series is called “The Three Trees” and illustrates the four seasons.

This is “When The World Was Young” (Spring)

When The World Was Young
When The World Was Young

This is “In The Midst Of It” (summer)

In The Midst Of It
In The Midst Of It

This is “Blown Away” (autumn)

Blown Away
Blown Away

And this one you have already seen – is “When The World Was Old” (winter)

When The World Was Old
When The World Was Old

Go and see the exhibition  if you are nearby, it’s sure to be a good one.




    What a beautiful series, Kate.

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