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Three Golden birds, Two Nordic Snow Birds and a Brave Robin Redbreast

I’ve made some new birds inspired by winter just for you!



Nordic Snow Birds


The Brave Robin

There are several different stories about how the robin got his redbreast. I particularly like an Irish folk tale I found which I’ll attempt to retell…
It was a harsh and very cold winter and a boy and his father were out in the forest collecting wood for their home fire. It was getting dark and they still had many miles to go before they were home so the father made a fire to keep them warm for the night and warn away any hungry wolves.  As they sat warming their hands and trying to get comfortable, father found he was finding it hard to stay awake so he told his son to keep the fire going while he had a nap. His son agreed and kept a nice fire going until he too found himself beginning to nod off. Before he could wake his father to take his turn and  look after the fire, he had fallen fast asleep. It wasn’t long before the fire began to dwindle, getting lower and lower. Meanwhile a wolf was waiting for the right moment…
Whilst this was happening a robin watched from a nearby tree and flew over to the fire. To stop the fire from going out and keep the wolf at bay, he fanned the embers with his wings, keeping the flames high. As the hot flames licked his chest he didn’t fly off but bravely continued fanning the flames until it was safe and the wolf had gone away.

Brave Robin

As with my other birds (Starlings, Kingfishers and Doves) these birds have a three dimensional front wing and body…

The front wing shown here is made with my special hand gilded metal leaf glass, as too are the golden birds and the Snow Birds also have a good sprinkling of the irresistible golden glass mixed in with those pretty iridescent tiles.

So what are you waiting for…they are the perfect gift for you or your friend!

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Fly quickly now….


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