Didn’t get far building a sledge yesterday, but walked across the fields with the kids to the village.

The snow is blowing across the fields like a sand storm. It is so fine, not like the wet slushy stuff we usually have.

On the steepest hill just above the village there are quite a few kids sledgeing. They are using all sorts of makeshift sledges, bits of plastic and blow up lilos. The lilos were the most successful sledges – really fast. We went down the hill to the shop and bought some chocolate, then walked along the main road and up the very steep country road from the next village to our house.

On the way home we had the sunset behind us, it was better to walk backwards to see it as we walked.

Today I tidied up my workshed ready for the next project – or at least to try and finish a project! I always have at least three mosaics on the go. In the afternoon I couldn’t hold out any longer – the kids are still off school – the schools  are closed due to the snow.  So we went to the sledgeing hill with a couple of camping mats. It was great fun – the mats were pretty fast!

Inspiration (again from the sky) came on the way home. A dense cloud covered the landscape while lighter and colourful clouds began to drift towards the dense covering. But what was really beautiful was the silver lining on the dense cloud.

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