I had a manic morning finishing a model for a commission entry. Then taking the photos , printing them  and putting together the statement, and cv. It is a crafts council competition , the commission is to make a work for a UK  official VIP gift at the Shanghai exposition. The entry needs to be there tomorrow and there is 30cm of snow outside my door and down the 1 mile country road to the main road, then another 3 miles into the post office. Our car would skid all the way down and we are not privelaged enough to own a 4 by 4 or other snow- mobile. Luckily I have a fun loving teenage son happy to do the walk into town and post it for me. Lets hope the postman can get to London ok!

I will post some photos next week of my model.  Now I need to make a sledge…….

But for now here is a photo of a ladybird (at this time of year?) keeping warm on my window!

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