New Years Day 2010

It was a beautiful day today. Cold and sunny. I took my family to Westhay nature reserve. It is an area on the Somerset Levels beside lakes and rhynes (pronounced “reens”) where you can walk and watch different water birds coming and going and being. From a distance, we saw geese, swans, coots and cormorants. My daughter and I were running along the path, trying to dodge the trees to take photos of a flock of geese taking off and flying overhead. She hasn’t shown me her photos yet, but mine weren’t that impressive, just ticks amongst the trees.

At the reserve are a couple of “hides” which are sheds you can go into that have wooden shutters you can lift up to get secret viewings of the birds. The best time is probably early in the morning before anyone else is there, when it is really quiet, so we couldn’t see many birds close up.

Views  from the hides.

On the way I took this photo of a starling tree.

Happy New Year!


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