New Years Morning 2010

I was up at dawn to watch the sunrise this morning.  I tramped over the field to get some photos. The moon was full. It was very cold, the ground was crunchy with frost. The sky had a muted pink glow and it was gradually brightening. My fingers were numb (wearing my newly acquired fingerless gloves, to keep my hands warm whilst enabling me to work in the workshed)   It seemed like a long time to wait for the sun to rise, and I was afraid the clouds would hide it anyway so I returned home .

Dawn on the hill

Moon at Dawn
Back Garden Moon

It was a bit warmer in my garden so I stayed out a little longer and took some more photos of the moon from the back garden.

As I walked around the front of the house the sun was just coming up.

I took many shots of it rising about 8 seconds apart  to make a short animation.

Here is one of the photos.

Front Garden Sunrise

Happy New Year everyone!

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