Up, up and away!

I have lived in the middle of the Somerset countryside for 11 years now, before that I lived in rural Devon for most of my life, with a few teenage years in cities and towns. When I was a child we would spend our summer days by the beach – about an hours drive away.

Now with my  family we spend our holidays in the cities! To get away from the quiet and enjoy art and culture and the mad  hubbub the city offers. But I do like living in the country, watching the wildlife and the beautiful skies. This week I had two visits from those who travel in the sky.  The first was by a lost racing pigeon. He tried to get into my kitchen and went in and out of the shed, I suppose it was cool and dark like his homing shed. I had just finished reading “The Birds” by Daphne de Maurier (I have never read it although I have seen Hitchcock’s film several times) so I was a little alarmed at this poor pigeons insistence to get in. He eventually flew off when he heard a flock of starlings calling. I hope he found his way.

And then there was this … the balloon took off in the field behind us and sailed gracefully above our house…….who said the countryside wasn’t exciting! ….Cheques made out to Kate Rattray please Triumph!


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