Soda Trees and Violins

We all know how refreshing it is to look at kids art. Unrefined, naive, thoughtful and completely original!  Sometimes artists try hard to bring that naivety back. Some succeed but others fail, perhaps  they have learned too much about techniques and the world in general. Maybe the best way is not to learn the techniques and not to get out much! (The last bit is easy in the middle of Somerset!)

Because it is the summer holidays, I thought I would share with you some of my kids mosaics  as a break from my work. (back soon with that!)

From the most recent and back through the years:

"Boat" by Daisy
"Secrets" by Arthur
Edge view of "Secrets" by Arthur
"Gold mirror" by Daisy
"Violin" by Daisy
"Treble Clef" by Daisy
"Tree" by Arthur

Arthur likes to make art that has some meaning. In “Secrets” there are four symbols, the bird,  the tree, the keep,and the key.  The pathway runs between mankind and nature.  The bird lives in the tree and the key opens the keep. There is more to it but it is a secret!

In the tree Arthur has made the trunk like a soda glass with a straw sucking up the carbon of the fossil fuels (represented in the mirror). The golden leaves are also hands that hold the glass.

The large paving stones below were made in 2000 with my 3 boys. Then using recycled low fired ceramics and having been jumped on regularly without being laid properly into the ground have now suffered the ravishes of time.

"Green Woodpecker" made by me and Arthur at 4 years old
"Owl" by Dan
"Pterodactyl" by Charlie

Here is a picture of Charlie age 7 taking the paper off his Pterodactyl.

mad about dinosaurs Charlie age 7

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