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Back in the Woods

I sold my forest mosaics soon after the beginning of the Forest Exhibition at the Opus Mosaic Gallery in Exeter, and thought it would be good to make some more.

I walk in woods quite often around Somerset and take photos as I go.
I chose some photos to work from, made quick 2 minute coloured sketches and made the mosaics.
I made them as simple as possible. This makes them quicker to make so that I can offer them at  affordable prices!


Tall Trees

I love this woodland photo taken by my partner Ian. The magical quality of the light coming through the trees looks almost as if it is a glistening lake. I grouted the mosaic initially in grey and it looked very dusty and nondescript, so I re-grouted in black. Now I like it a lot, it reminds me of 1980’s graphic designs.

photo by Ian Dart


Winter Light

I had to rework this one too. If you look at the sketch I wanted to mosaic the sun using three shades of gold like the sun in the photo, but I tried it and looked like a flying saucer so I decided to use one tone instead.
The photo I used was taken one evening in January this year in a field I walk through close to a place we call “the swing field”. Aptly named because of the rope swing that my kids play on hanging from an old oak tree. The sunsets around here are beautiful, deep pink reds and oranges, golds and apricots, however I have never been able to find a good dark pink red smalti suitable for an intense sunset so I use reds and  oranges, but I think they work quite well to describe the intensity of the sky. Unfortunately the photo doesn’t show all the darkest red tones, but you get the general picture!



Deep Sunset through the Woods

These mosaics are all framed and will be finding their way to Opus Mosaic Gallery in Exeter very soon.
You can see my other forest mosaics: “Morning Haze in the Woods”here and “Forest Light”here but they are no longer available to buy.

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