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Cup of Tea and a Pendant Anyone?

It’s two weeks before I teach my course at Bristol Creative Glass Guild. I have taught several glass on glass workshops there, but this one is a new course I have devised. It is called “Mosaic Gifts” and students will have the opportunity to make a small light catcher/panel to hang in a window, one or two coasters and a pendant or two. The coasters can be made either on mdf or on mirror. If they are made on mirror, transparent or semi-transparent glass looks like coloured mirror glass. Usually coloured mirror glass comes in about 10 different colours, however if we use transparent and semi-transparent glass with interesting swirls and patterns we have a much wider choice of coloured mirror.

Here are some example pieces I will take to the workshop.

stained glass mosaic pendants
Funky Stripy Coasters

You can see  examples of light catchers here and here, and great student examples here and here.

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  1. the work looks lovely i would attend if a bit nearer – maybe next time ! best of luck Mel

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