Mosaic Gifts Workshop

I enjoyed teaching students my new course – Mosaic Gifts at Bristol Creative Glass Guild.

I taught them how to make glass on glass pieces direct and indirect. They made coasters on mirror – one direct and one indirect, pendants, and a light catcher to hang in the window. This piece I gave them the choice to make up direct or indirect.

I find making glass on glass work indirect and pre-grouted usually stops the grout from seeping under the glass and showing through which can happen in direct work, even when you are sure you have covered the glass pieces well in silicone. However, given the time constraints on a weekend course (the grout must be allowed to dry fully before making the piece up) and a little dislodging when placing the glass, my students discovered the art of “smudging” the grout to give a new effect!

Still beautiful work though! (Please excuse the quality of the photos that don’t really do justice to the work  – I left my camera at home and had to use my ipod!)

Coasters by Louise
Coasters by Mary
Coasters by Thant
Group at work
Pendants by Louise and Mary
Light catcher by Louise
Light catcher by Mary
Light catcher by Thant
Light catcher by Thant

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