Big Bird

It is too cold to work in my shed. I have an energy saving heater in there – so energy saving it barely warms up above 0 degrees. Even with my thermals and my fingerless gloves, I am still too cold to work. It is mostly my feet. I wear two pairs of socks, the outer pair my mum knitted me, and a sturdy pair of builders boots, but one hour is about all I can manage before I think my toes might curl up and drop off!

Today I might bring some tiles in the house to cut up, yesterday I made this little film.




    Your lateral thinking is inspiring.

      Thanks Birgitta – I think all artists are lateral thinkers, but I wonder if in this case it is avoidance of my “serious” work!

    Kate I hear you on the temperature thing…I work in my garage and use a small propane heater that I bought from the local home dyi store. I do a lot of my cutting in advance while reading the paper or watching T.V., really bad when it’s cold and there is wet work involved.

      Hi M.J.
      Today I managed a couple of hours of cutting tiles in the kitchen, but as the kids were at home (too much snow on the road to get to school) the table became more and more cluttered, the washing up got out of hand , and in the end I helped them make a sledge out of an old chair and went sledging. (Much more fun!)

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