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Blow Your Trumpet King’s Hall!

I was delighted to be asked back to King’s Hall school in Taunton this year to help them make some more mosaics. Last year we made The Pelican for their courtyard garden, this time the art teacher asked me to design a trumpet, guitar and saxophone to brighten up their music department.
It was the same set up as last time with about seventeen Year 7’s in each group workshop, about 60 children over one and a half days.
I cut the designs out of MDF, having 8 sections that would later be fixed together with plates on the back. The instruments area about 80cm long.


We concentrated on the colour schemes and graduations and the andamento of the tessearae (direction of laying the tile to create a visual rhythm). We used some iridescent tiles in the guitar and some lovely sparkley tiles in the streams of music.
Here’s some photos of the progress, click through to see them properly:

The final mosaics look so great it made me want to pick up my guitar and perhaps learn how to play a trumpet or sax!
It’s a pity my photos don’t really do them justice as they were taken standing on a chair when they were drying on the table! I had to do a bit of background editing – but you get the picture…





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