Judgement Day In The Rain

Trudging up the steep slope in the pouring rain, my oversized brolly got stuck several times on the overhanging bushes and brambles. It was early July but felt like autumn, the rain water ran in rivulets down the path bouncing up now and then to splash and soak through the holes in the canvas of my trainers. At the top, in a garden known as Moat Garden, an expectant crowd of adults and children tried to look nonchalant, the children  were worse off without umbrellas or hats, the rain drops fell off their sodden hair onto their serious faces. I looked around for the arc, but I couldn’t see it!

My invitation to Moat Garden was as a judge!  Two schools – Castle Cary Primary and Ansford Academy had worked with artist Colin Bell to produce mosaics installed on benches. I had to choose a winning design from each of the schools!

The children had designed the mosaics and made them with the help of Colin using whole tiles. They were very impressive and colourful and soon made me forget about the rain. The designs by the Primary School were based on the town and the views around it, whilst the secondary school included designs about their interests and hobbies. They were made in groups of 3 and a spokesperson from each group told me about their inspiration for their design.

It was a difficult decision, I took a little time to mull it over …

😕                                                                                     😕                                                                                         😕

😉                                            🙂

I had reached a decision.

“The Judge has come to a decision” said the teacher. All was silent …

“…And the winning design from Castle Cary School is this one…

Castle Cary Primary School winning design

…it’s a very striking design because of it’s simplicity and contrasting colours.”

“…and I have chosen this design from the BIG school (Ansford Academy)…

Ansford Academy mosaic design winner

… I particularly like the dancer and the piano keyboard that successfully frames the mosaic.”

Well, job done, the children received prizes and for my reward I received a bunch of flowers and a bottle of mead!

Here are the other benches as they are all worthy of a photo (sorry about the quality of the photos – it was raining!!) …

“Pacman” was one of my favourites too!

Mosaic benches in Moat Garden, Castle Cary

Oh yes, and I have a new title, I am a “visiting dignitary!”   (click the link – That’s me in the pink coat talking to artist Colin Bell)

…and I am glad to say the sun is shining today



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