Kate Rattray — The Face Behind the Mosaic

I was interviewed by Ian Laurie for his blog on mosaic artists … this is the interview …

For this seventh and final interview of 2019, I talk with Kate Rattray. Kate manages to combine her unique style with imagination, humour and a shedload of both vocational and research skills to great effect. Based in Wells, Somerset, in the southwest of England, Kate Rattray has been making mosaics since 1994. She’s a member […]

via Kate Rattray — The Face Behind the Mosaic

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  1. Kate-
    Your work is SO incredibly inspirational!!! I’m a self-taught mosaic from central California and I’m beyond in love with mosaic; fallen in love with everything about mosaics! Your work is so beautiful, thank you for sharing it! I’m always looking for a mosaic mind to connect with! Would love to be apart of your blog!

    1. Thanks Tanya, glad you like it! You can subscribe so you don’t miss a post at the bottom of the post.

  2. Wow kate your work is stunning. Im a senior citizen and an artist, but have just begun learning to do mosaics. Red

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