Glastonbury Tor mosaic
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Glastonbury Tor Mosaic Kit

Recently I moved back to Devon after 21 years in Somerset. It’s taking a while to get used to living in a town here and being surrounded by houses instead of living out in the sticks and being surrounded by fields. However I have the sea and Dartmoor close by, and I can see “Rippon Tor” from my garden. Yesterday I drove to the moors and walked around Hound Tor, to Grea Tor rocks and then visited Grimspound.

21 plus years ago me and my partner were living and walking here with our little boys around our feet, now they are grown up and it’s just us, so I can soak up the views without distraction!

Back in July I was still in Somerset making another kind of Tor , but this one made of earth and grass instead of granite, with a church on top. I made several Glastonbury Tor at Sunset mosaics as I wanted to try out the stained glass for the sky and find a pleasing arrangement. After making four of these, I made a kit. Here’s a little video about it.

If you would like to make your own Glastonbury Tor at sunset you can purchase the kit here


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